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We would like to cordially welcome you to Kraków for the XI International Seminar on "Biomolecules - Identification and Function", 21-22.10.2016. We are glad to give you an opportunity for scientific discussions in a unique atmosphere of royal city Kraków. As usually, we are planning to extend the seminar for a second day when practical workshop will be arranged to present, with help of our sponsors, novel aspects of mass spectrometry, its applications in proteomics, and biochemistry. 

In contrast to previous editions of the conference there will be a poster session organized during the first day. We believe that it would give you an excellent opportunity to discuss various aspects of your investigations.

We would like to inform that due to limited space in our laboratory, we are able to welcome ca. 25 persons during the second day (workshop). Obviously, the lectures during first day are freely available to all interested participants. The entire meeting is free of charge, including coffee breaks (please see our list of Sponsors). The official language is English. The organizers do not provide accomodation but a short list of reasonable places is given at the Seminar web page. 

Official web page of the Seminar: http://www.biomolecules.pl (redirects to the organizing laboratory web page)

Those who are planning to participate in either part of the workshop are kindly asked to send confirmation to: Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć. before 1st of October. For poster presentation there will be Word-based template available from conference web page. Please, fill it and send to the e-mail address given above.   

Looking forward to seeing you in Krakow,



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